N.V, Victoria

Hey pretty woman! I just want to thank you for all your support and dedication you have given to me and all the ladies for a life changing experience. Reminiscing back to 2013 I was such a mess suffering from depression and anxiety where my mental state was no use for a healthy body. I had hit rock bottom and was literally a zombie who wouldn’t get out of bed for not only days but weeks. I lost all my friends didn’t want to see my families face and had no social interactions for about 6 months… as a result my family sent me to turkey for a month though it was no use. I had attempted suicide a numerous times as I couldn’t see no way out and was self-harming to get rid of the pain which I could not explain to anyone. You might have seen all the scars on my arms. Well it hit 2014 and it was time for a change… I was a little anxious about the weightless challenge but thanks to my mums motivation I thought I’ll try something new. Walking through the doors in Preston and being warmly welcomed by your beautiful face was enough for me to feel safe and ready for a journey with new people who I would always run away from previously. It was time I knocked the walls down and let new people in my life other than my boyfriend and family that’s when I joined the fit clubs… with your support I was motivated to meet new faces and join in social activities and had a place to go where I felt at home and important to other people. You have not only helped me be a better person physically yet emotionally and socially subhannallah I am a new healthy me. I don’t have panic attacks as I used to I also don’t feel overwhelmed being in an environment with new people. Getting back to the weight loss I have had so many compliments and people I don’t know have messaged me that I have inspired them. It has been such a rewarding journey with you Julide and I am so grateful Allah has placed you in my life. I’ll never forget your saying “Allah has given me this body and it is my duty to look after it”… no more self-harm yet rather 80% nutrition and 20% exercise booom!!! Thank you for everything and you will always be in my duas! Have the safest flight and the most joyful holiday! You deserve so much goodness in life. Thank you for letting me come out of the closet xo love you long time.

D.B, Victoria

I am extremely grateful that I was recommended to JTN 18 months ago! I needed help managing an illness was lacking energy due to a heavy workload. Due to your expertise, positive monitoring and encouragement, I am now consistent with my nutrition and have my illness under control! My results have also inspired numerous close friends and family, who all agree that booking in with you was the best thing they’ve done for their mind and body health! I can’t thank you enough. x

A.A, Melbourne

My experiences with Julide Turker have been nothing short of life changing! Julide is a brilliant naturopath who expresses kindness, acceptance and empathy to her clients. Her knowledge of both western and naturopathic medicine is exceptional and I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking to improve their levels of health and well-being.

M.H, Melbourne

Julide inspired me to take care of myself she is very motivating and makes losing weight an easy task. Joining the weight loss challenge I continued to join another two challenges after my first as it helped me keep the weight off and attending the FitClubs was the highlight of my week, I made it a habit and it became “me time” I enjoyed the classes so much especially the yoga and winding down. Julide is a teacher, a sister, a role model and watching her practice what she preaches makes me do my best to follow on. I praise her for empowering us women through nutrition and exercise!

B.G, Melbourne

Julide has such a beautiful soul. I have never met anyone who is so passionate about what they do. I always receive a friendly and uplifting service from her. If I ever feel like I am lacking motivation, Julide is able to pick me up and allow me to continue where I left off. She truly is an amazing and inspirational woman!

A.G, Melbourne

All I ever wanted to do was lose weight! However I did not realize how many other issues I had that I associated with my weight. After speaking with Julide, we realized I had underlying issues that needed to be sorted before I began my weight loss journey once again. She referred me to a psych and Alhamduliah my mental health has improved immensely!

J.B, Melbourne

If you are dealing with a specific health issue or just want to improve your general health then Julide Turker is the naturopath to see. She has been my naturopath for nearly two years and brings an immense knowledge base to her practice. She heals her clients with the utmost care, respect and integrity. Julide goes above and beyond what is expected of her and always gives 110% to achieve the best results for her clients.
I highly recommend Julide Turker Naturopathy.

H.T, Melbourne

I have suffered with multiple vaginal infection issues. I have seen multiple doctors and I had only ever received different anti-inflammatories and different oral antibiotics. Everything seemed to help a bit and then it stopped working. I came to see Julide not more than 2 months ago. First she tested me to determine which infections it was that was affecting me and found out that I had not only candida but also a viral infection, a bacterial infection and a fungal infection which is why standard medical treatment wasn’t working because it was only targeting the bacteria. It was affecting my life and relationship with my husband. As soon as I started the medicine the itching stopped and at the moment I have healed faster than anything else has ever gotten me which has helped me in so many ways including my self-esteem. I cannot thank her enough for all her help in being so specific and unique to me and my health challenge!

D.H, Melbourne

I am a 38 year old mother of a 3 year old. I was unable to conceive naturally for 3 years. Prior to pursuing IVF, I thought to see a naturopath. Within 3 months I fell pregnant and now I am 5 months pregnant and so happy and excited! Thanks Jules. God bless!

F.N, Malaysia

I hear Julide speak at an International conference that was held in Malaysia that I attended. I asked her if she saw international patients and she said yes that we could consult over the phone. She treated me no different to someone she would see face to face and helped me clear of my cholesterol levels. I use to get readings of blood glucose at 18+ and now they are down to 11 in under 4 months. I am still seeing her at the moment and am hopeful and excited that it will improve further. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking natural medicine help and is willing to do the dietary and lifestyle changes like me.

S.R, Sydney

Julide agreed to take me on as a patient when I heard her during a conference in Sydney. I had unexplained blood glucose issues and high cholesterol. Within 5 months it was all regulated and she taught me ways of making changes that I could keep for the rest of my life because they were progressive changes that I slowly weaved into my life. The supplements also helped with my energy and digestion. Thank you!

Y.M, Sydney

I was a chronic binge eater. Lots of emotional issues around this. When I saw Julide the idea of seeing a psychologist concurrently I didn’t like because I was too scared of change. By our second consultation I agreed to see one she referred me to and made the dietary changes, took my supplements and I honestly couldn’t believe how I felt. I initially thought here we go again, money wasted on vitamins and treatment that isn’t going to work. But I was wrong. Mental strength is very important in a situation such as mind. I really appreciated Julide’s approach because she didn’t just treat me herself, she suggested that 50% of the problem was my emotional issues and referred me to a reputable physiologist which showed she didn’t just care about her ego or pushed what she was doing but instead, saw the importance of combining other treatments as well. I am forever grateful and keep her in my prayers all the time.

R.Q, Melbourne

When I went to see Julide because I heard she helped with fertility I thought she would do the same thing as everyone else had however in desperation I thought I would try her too. I was married for 19 years and had 11 treatments of IVF with no success. I don’t want to tell you the details however there was a lot of physiological trauma and my relationship from an intimate perspective with my husband was one that was lacking due to immense pain during intercourse. I am currently still seeing her with her guidance and supplements and my psychologist who have given me strength to make the necessary changes to fall pregnant. Thank you so much.

A.B, New South Wales

I met Julide 10 months ago when I decided it was time to change my life. Not just for my myself, but to be a better wife and mother. I found that Julide not just changed my life, but saved it aswell. Her guidance and knowledge was so helpful and just knowing she was behind me my whole journey kept me going. She never gave up on me which made me even more determined to not give up on myself. There are not enough thank yous in the world!!

Z.A, Melbourne

My son was 1.5 years old and suffered from severe eczema. His face was covered in it and almost bled daily. Even though I had him on steroid medicine it wasn’t helping. He was crying so much and bleeding himself during the day and night. The mothers and kids at school would always stare and my boy would feel even more embarrassed even though he was 1.5 years of age, he would hide his head into my armpit when he knew things were just not right. Julide saw the severity and said if he didn’t see a result within 1-2 months that she would terminate the treatment plan because of its severity and that he would continue with his steroids that weren’t working however she said that she would do anything to slow his healing process. She did a test to see whether the eczema was due to food intolerances, a bacterial infection and other factors. He tested positive for a number of very random food allergies like that to bananas, apples, eggplant – things you usually would eat and not think would cause a problem. She gave him supplements to help with the inflammation, to kill off the infection and strengthen the immune system. In 4 weeks we started to see the eczema cleared. 3 months down the tract there was hardly anything left on his face or body. We just celebrated his 2nd birthday and my boy’s confidence and smiles has grown. No one except a mother could understand my sadness seeing my soon like that and how I feel now. May Allah grant shifa to all our sick. I then referred my sister to Julide who also had eczema for 8 years and in one month she started clearing the patches, not she has nothing around her eyes. Thanks

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