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What is flower essence therapy?

Flower essence therapy is a term that names the practice of using flower essences in a consistent, purposeful way to experience emotional harmony and spiritual well-being. Flower essences can be used on their own or in conjunction with other healing modalities to support or change our emotional attitudes and ways of perceiving ourselves. They provide a language that helps us to understand our inner world and the ways in which we respond to life and life’s situations. [1]

What can Flower Essence therapy do for me?

Flower Essence therapy is a gentle modality that can have long lasting effects on the body-mind-spirit. Although claims frequently refer to emotional issues, our experience has found that once the core emotion of a health problem is addressed, many times physical symptoms disappear as well. Anyone can use them, they are safe and have no recorded side-effects. They have shown to be beneficial for all ages from infants to the elderly, and have also helped animals as well. 
Flower essences can assist with a variety of complaints, from common maladies such as stress, insomnia and digestive problems to deeper issues surrounding trauma, grief and end of life. 

Recent research has also shown beneficial effects from using essences in massage therapy, mental disorders, palliative care, and terminal illnesses.

How are flower essences used?

Flower essences can be used in a number of ways. The most common way is to take them orally, four drops, four times a day. Our experience shows that it is not necessary to take them internally. They can also be used by adding five to seven drops in a plant sprayer bottle and misting a room or our bodies. Flower essences have been used with inmates in the prison system with this method with powerful results. You can also add a few drops to the bath, spray clothes before ironing them, or spray your pillow before sleeping. What is important to remember is that they are a vibrational essence and surrounding yourself with them, inside or outside, is the best way to experience their effects.

Our flower essences are sold in convenient stock bottles. You can use the essences just as they are from the bottles, taking four drops each time. Alternatively, you can dilute them. You can add four drops of the essence to a one ounce bottle containing a solution of 75% water and 25% brandy. Another method is to add four drops of an essence to a glass of water and sip it throughout the day.

How long do I need to take a flower essence?

We have found that there is usually a definite cycle period in taking a flower essence. A normal cycle is usually two to four weeks. Some folks may need to take an essence for a shorter period while others may need to use an essence for several months. If you want to increase their effects, use them more often rather than more drops each time. Persons usually like to take them more frequently at first, then find themselves tapering off as they near the end of the cycle. At the end of a cycle, they may forget to take them altogether, and this is normal.

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